Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit card debt can be confusing to understand and track. With our Credit Card Payoff Calculator, it’s easy to get a handle on your debt. 

Follow these simple steps and we’ll help you determine how many months it will take to free yourself from credit card debt.

1.    Input your current credit card balance

2.    Input your annual fee for your credit card

3.    Input your annual interest rate (APR)

4.    Input your desired monthly payments to payoff the debt

Want to pay off your debt faster and at a lower cost?

Instead of paying high interest on your credit cards, you can simply do a balance transfer at a lower borrowing rate. goPeer offers a peer to peer lending solution that allows borrowers to become financially free much quicker.  Our technology allows us to provide faster loan application decisions, and enhanced transparency, resulting in a better customer experience than traditional banks.