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goPeer is Canada's First Consumer Peer to Peer Lending Platform

Get a personal loan funded by fellow Canadians

Rates starting from
8% APR

Borrow up to $25,000

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How it works

Fast & Easy Online Application

Apply online for a peer-to-peer loan within minutes from the comfort of your home. 

Funded by Fellow Canadians

Thousands of Canadian individuals will have the opportunity to fund your loan, which is done through goPeer. Your personal identity will always remain confidential and anonymous.


Get your Money Fast

Select a loan offer that’s right for you. Once your loan gets funded by your peers, the money will be transferred directly into your bank account. 


Are you eligible to borrow
through goPeer?

  • You are 18 or over
  • You have a credit score of at least 600
  • you have a regular source of income over $15,000 per year
  • You hold a Canadian bank account
  • You have been a Canadian resident at least 3 years

Simply and easy process

Easy and convenient online application

Apply online for a peer to peer loan from the comfort of your home. Rest assured, our platform is fully secured. We have dedicated tremendous resources to utilize state-of-the-art security protocols with advanced end-to-end data encryption.  

Receive a quick response

Get a response within 24 hrs on your loan application. Loan offers will be sent directly to your goPeer dashboard. Fast and convenient. 

Get your money fast

Select a loan offer that’s right for you and the funds will be deposited into your bank account via direct deposit. Investors will have the opportunity to fund your loan, which is done anonymous.​​

Committed to full transparency

goPeer charges borrowers with one single origination fee, the amount of which is dependent on how much you would like to borrow. There are no early repayment fees or hidden costs for taking out a peer to peer loan on goPeer. 

Reimaging Personal Loans

goPeer is Canada’s first consumer P2P lending platform dedicated to helping everyday Canadians to lend and borrow from each other. Our innovative approach to lending focuses on financial wellness, empowering Canadians to help each other achieve their goals faster. 

goPeer is able to offer better rates to borrowers than traditional lenders while allowing everyday Canadian investors to access consumer credit as an asset class. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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goPeer helps you achieve your financial goals

A peer to peer unsecured personal loan is great to pay for a variety of needs such as home improvement, unexpected costs, vehicle expenses, medical expense, major purchases and more. 

You can also use a peer to peer personal loan to consolidate debts. In fact, goPeer loans often allow you to consolidate multiple types of debts, including credit card debt and medical debt at a lower rate than you might be paying on a credit card.

Credit card consolidation

Refinance your credit cards with a better rate and get out of debt faster.

Auto repair or financing

Fast access to funds for unexpected auto repairs or to purchase a vehicle.

Home improvement

Borrow money to help you get started on home improvement.

Debt consolidation

Manage a single fixed monthly payment at an affordable rate.

What our members say about goPeer

Google Reviews (4.8/5)
goPeer Borrower
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Great customer service. Really went out of there way to help get a great loan.
Ganesh K.
Ganesh K.
goPeer Investor
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Very streamlined process. Working with goPeer was very easy and quite professional. Received great customer service as well. I recommend goPeer for both investing peer-to-peer and borrowing from other peers. A+ service.
Colin L.
goPeer Investor
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Simple, easy. you know what you get! Always responsive to your questions! Thought this kind of investment were over complified for simple folk like me, but go peer eliminate that barrier!
Etienne J.
Etienne J.
goPeer Investor
Read More
Great interface. Interesting platform for Canadian investors to benefit from peer to peer lending.
Linda C.
goPeer Investor
Read More
They help people! Great company, great team! My best investment and it's for Canadian, Bravo! At goPeer.ca, they really help people financially among Canadians! No bureaucracy, which offers an excellent return for investors, while offering a reasonable rate for borrowers.
Mathieu D.
goPeer Investor
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A great way to diversify your investments! Very 'user friendly' interface and a team that responds quickly to questions and uncertainties I had.
Stephen N.
goPeer Borrower
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My experience with GoPeer was easy and stress free. The contacts by phone and emails were very professional. If you need a leg up financially, I would recommend looking into goPeer.
goPeer Borrower
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Very nice people, and very honest in why I was declined. Will try again in a few months to a year (: .

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goPeer offers unsecured personal loans in all of Canada (different lending rules may apply depending on your province) with terms of 36 or 60 months and APR between 8% and 33.92% depending on our assessment of your credit profile. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $25,000. If a payment is returned or fails because of insufficient funds, goPeer may charge an NSF fee of up to $50. If a payment is late, goPeer may charge a late payment fee of $25 or 5% of the payment due, whichever is greater. goPeer does not charge any administration fees on loans. Example: The total cost of borrowing $10,000 at an interest rate of 7.66% with a 0.5% origination fee for 36 months equates to an annual percentage rate (APR) of 8.0%, total interest of $1,224.71 and a fee of $50.00 for a total cost of $1,274.71 with a monthly payment of $311.80