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How it works

goPeer connects Canadians looking for a loan with Canadians looking to invest. 

As a goPeer investor, you invest in Canadian consumer loans, earn interest and monthly passive income – just like a bank!

Diversify your Investment Portfolio

goPeer offers a new fixed income asset class uncorrelated with stocks or bonds.

Invest as little as $10 per loan and diversify your investments across as many borrowers as you wish to stabilize overall returns. 

Get Monthly Payments

Borrowers make fixed monthly repayments with interest, which are deposited directly into your account.

Use the Auto-Invest feature to automatically select investments and reinvest your earnings to compound your interest.

Help Fellow Canadians

goPeer is 100% Canadian. When you invest in a goPeer loan, you contribute to helping real people in Canada.

Our innovative approach to lending focuses on financial wellness, empowering Canadians to help each other achieve their goals faster.

goPeer has been featured in

goPeer has been featured in

Canada's first consumer peer to peer lending platform

goPeer is Canada’s first consumer P2P lending platform dedicated to helping everyday Canadians to lend and borrow from each other. Our innovative approach to lending focuses on financial wellness, empowering Canadians to help each other achieve their goals faster. We are able to offer better rates to borrowers than traditional lenders while allowing everyday Canadian investors to access a new passive income asset class.

Put your money to work, like a bank

Only lend to creditworthy individuals

We safeguard your assets

One small fee

How we manage risk

As a goPeer investor, you invest in consumer loans. Only people who have passed our rigorous credit assessment process can borrow through goPeer. However, it’s important to remember that some people will not be able to fully repay their loan. We call this a bad debt. goPeer reduces the impact bad debt has on your return in 3 important ways:

Rigorous credit assessment

goPeer uses advanced technology to assess every application, so only creditworthy individuals are approved for a loan.


Spreading your investment across many borrowers is important to stabilize your returns. As such, we require a minimum commitment of $1,000, so that you can invest in at least 100 different notes.

Peer to Peer lending | goPeer

Loan Servicing

When a person is unable to fully repay their loan, goPeer handles everything for you. goPeer’s collections and recoveries team works to recover as much as possible for you.

Recurring cash flow

Earn recurring, monthly passive income in the form of loan installment repayments.

One low fee

Investors are assessed one low annual servicing fee of 1.5% on the repayments.

Compound your interest

Use the Auto Invest tool to automatically select investments and reinvest your earnings.

Regulated under Canadian law

goPeer has all the necessary licences and permits to operate in compliance with Canadian laws.

Safe and secure

Your uninvested funds are held in trust. goPeer uses state-of-the-art data encryption.

Help out real people

When you invest in a goPeer loan, you contribute to helping real people in Canada.

Start investing in 5 minutes

1 Answer a few questions about your investment objectives.

2We’ll determine what note grades are suitable for you.

3 Connect your bank account and start investing

Loan underwriting process

goPeer's underwriting process was designed to accurately reflect the likelihood that a loan will be repaid in full.

1. Borrowers must meet the basic eligibility criteria

2. Information verification

We make sure the borrowers meet all the eligibility criteria, and verify their identity and annual income. This is accomplished by connecting to various data sources, including third-party service providers, to determine whether to approve the loan request.

3. Credit risk assessment and scoring

Approved loan applications are evaluated using a predictive scoring model to assess a borrower’s probability of paying back the loan in full. The scoring model uses numerous variables including indicators of credit risk from the credit report, bank account and personal financial situation. Based on their risk profile, borrowers are assigned one of 12 risk grades, ranging from A+ to E. 

Interest rates are assigned by goPeer with the objective to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors while also offering competitive rates to borrowers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Investment on our platform is open to any individual living in Canada. You do not need to be an accredited investor or financial institution to invest through goPeer.

goPeer connects people seeking loans with investors like you. As an investor on our platform, you are purchasing interest in loans originated by goPeer. More specifically, you are buying payment-dependent notes issued by Peer Capital Corporation, privately placed by Peer Securities Corporation, a registered as exempt market dealer in all Canadian provinces, and which are dependent for payment on corresponding loans originated by goPeer Corporation.

You earn 100% of your pro rata share of the principal and interest (after the servicing fee) as borrowers repay their loans, and you hold the entirety of the risk. No claim may be made against goPeer (or its affiliates) for shortfalls resulting from loan defaults.

goPeer charges a 1.5% servicing fee, which is applied as a 1/12th of 1.5% monthly fee (0.125%) on the unpaid principal balance of outstanding loans. This fee is deducted from borrower payments on the loans underlying your Notes. Peer Securities does not charge any separate or additional brokerage account or transactional fees.

The minimum initial commitment to invest on the platform is $1,000. The minimum amount you can invest per Note is $10. The reason why we have implemented a minimum initial commitment amount of $1,000 was to make sure that any investor could diversify their investments across 100 Notes.

After you have set up your account you will have access to our Investor Portal, which allows you to access the platform, view your portfolio, monitor returns, and much more. You’ll also receive monthly account statements with investment information including portfolio holdings, payment history, and unpaid principal balance.

goPeer is required by law to ensure that your goals and experience as an investor are aligned with this investment opportunity. The suitability section of your investor profile helps us understand your investment experience and objectives, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance. This information will not be used for marketing purposes and will not be sold, rented or loaned to any third party

How it works

We encourage investors to use Auto Invest to build a diversified portfolio and compound the interest earned. However, automated investing is optional. You can browse the platform within the Investor Portal to search for investment opportunities that suit you, subject to diversification requirements.

The Investor Portal gives you the ability to view information such as the borrowers’ locations, industry of employment, annual income and purpose of the loan. You can also view the borrowers’ financial details and see key attributes of the corresponding loans, including debt-to-income ratios, income, and credit score ranges.

Only individuals that have passed our credit assessment process can borrow through goPeer.

New loans are listed frequently. Please check back onto the goPeer Invest tab for the new listed loans.

As you set up your profile, you will provide a bank account to be used for deposits and withdrawals. You can withdraw your repayments as they come in, if Auto Invest is turned off, as well as any of your funds that aren’t lent out. There are no fees to make a withdrawal.

No, due to regulatory restrictions, goPeer does not offer a secondary market at this time. You should invest with the intent and expectation of holding purchased Notes until maturity.

You need to be living in Canada and have a Canadian bank account to be able to invest through goPeer.

goPeer’s collections and recoveries team pursues every single late or defaulted loan to recover as much as possible. We use a variety of methods and technologies that analyze the specific financial situation of each borrower to maximize your recovery.

When a loan defaults, your account will show a total loss of principal. However, we will continue to work to make recoveries, so it’s worth remembering that the amount “lost” on recent defaults may improve over time.

Yes, borrowers can repay their loans early without a prepayment penalty. If this happens, your outstanding principal will be returned to your investor account where it can be lent to other borrowers.

Please consult your tax professional to address your specific taxation requirements. goPeer provides investors with a T5 Form.

Managing risk

goPeer closely monitors external macroeconomic conditions in addition to the performance of loans. Where signs indicate worsening conditions, we will make credit strategy changes to favor investor yield for new loans.

In addition, we regularly perform stress tests to simulate what could happen to investor returns during difficult periods, for example during an economic downturn. This is just one of many steps we’ve taken as part of a comprehensive, data-driven approach to risk management at goPeer.

We take the privacy and information security of our investors, borrowers and partners incredibly seriously, and are committed to providing the best level of protection for our customers and their data.

Read our privacy policy for more information about how we collect, store and use data.

We believe that full and strict adherence to regulations is essential to protect both our investors and borrowers, and to build a sustainable business.

Peer Securities Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of goPeer, is registered as an exempt market dealer in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Québec. You can verify Peer Securities’ registration via the Canadian Securities Administrators “Are they registered?” tool

goPeer’s securities operations are regulated by each jurisdiction in which it offers securities.

Additionally, goPeer is subject to the provincial laws of each jurisdiction in which it offers and funds loans. On a federal level, goPeer’s lending operations are subject to specific statutes enforced by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), as well as other federal agencies.