8 tips to save money on rent

8 Tips to save on rent

Over the last decade, the cost of rent has exploded while wages remained stagnant. This is especially true in larger cities, but remains relevant Canada-wide as reported by CBC. Indeed, rent is one of the most expensive items on a … Read More

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Asset allocation

Tired of Investments That Pay Next to Nothing?

Since over a decade, interest rates have been at historically low levels — the Bank of Canada’s target rate is currently at 1.75% — and not looking likely to increase any time soon. Savers across the country are looking for new ways to … Read More

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Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse

Alan Greenspan
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Why You Should Check Your Credit Report

If you’re planning to make a major financial decision in the near future, such as buying a home, making sure your credit report is up to date and accurate is a must. The information on your report is used by … Read More

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